Reasons Many People Get Lash Extensions

3 August 2020
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There are a lot of different reasons why many people decide to get lash extensions. The good news is whatever reason they want to get them for, they can. If you have been thinking about getting lash extensions, then learning more about some of the reasons other people have got them may make you feel better about following through and getting them yourself. Here are some of the reasons people get lash extensions: Read More 

Why Get Botox Before Your Upcoming Vacation

17 July 2020
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Botox is a cosmetic solution to having wrinkles, fine lines, or even slightly aged and sagging skin. The way this cosmetic treatment works is this: the skin is injected where wrinkles and fine lines exist, thus making the muscles that control that part of the face relax. If the muscles cannot move, they cannot form new wrinkles, at least temporarily, and the results are smoother skin areas and a potentially more youthful-looking face. Read More 

Med Spa Treatments for Dry Skin

15 June 2020
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If your skin is often dry and flaky, you may feel like you can slather on pounds of moisturizer and never quite get the results you desire. Luckily, there are some med spa treatments that go the extra mile and offer you some relief. Here are a few of the top treatments to consider. Hydrating Facials The most enjoyable, non-invasive option is to book a hydrating facial. Often, these facials are completed in several steps, which helps ensure the moisturizing ingredients will really penetrate your skin and deliver longer-lasting moisturizer. Read More 

3 Ways A Day Spa Can Restore Your Body And Mind

28 May 2020
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Some people save trips to the spa for special occasions, but the day spa can be part of your regular self-care routine. It's important to take care of your body and mind in order to combat stress, especially in stressful times that are rife with uncertainty. Many people are feeling more worried, sad, and uncomfortable than ever before. Social distancing has created a greater sense of isolation, and fear for your livelihood and health can degrade your wellbeing. Read More 

Top 5 Benefits Of Cryolipolysis

28 February 2020
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Cryolipolysis, which is also commonly known as "fat freezing", is a procedure that you can have done by a cosmetic surgeon or other professional. If you are curious about why this procedure is so popular, consider these five major benefits of cryolipolysis: 1. It's a Quick Procedure If you are looking to have a procedure done quickly then you might like cryolipolysis. It's typically something that you can have done in just one afternoon, making it a good option for those who have busy schedules and who are looking to have their procedure done quickly. Read More