How You Can Wear Extensions With Short Hair

26 February 2021
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A great thing about hair extensions is that they can be worn by everyone. While you can still wear beautiful extensions if you have shorter hair, there are a few extra measures you need to take to ensure they look natural. Learn how you can wear extensions with short hair. Careful Selection The key to blending your extensions is to choose them wisely. First, you generally want to go with a human hair option. Read More 

Using Wellness Shots To Supplement Your Body’s Nutrients

14 January 2021
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Health supplements can allow individuals to get many of the nutrients and vitamins that they may be lacking. To make it easier to get all of the nutrients and vitamins that are needed while minimizing the number of individual supplements that need to be taken, individuals will often choose to take wellness shots. Consult With Your Doctor To Learn More About Your Wellness Needs A wellness shot can allow you to easily supplement your body's micro-nutrients and vitamins. Read More