Time to Go Out on Your Own? How to Avoid Mistakes When Renting a Salon Suite

16 September 2020
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If you're tired of working for other people, it's time to rent a salon suite. Salon suites allow you to go out on your own without the expense of renting an entire commercial building. But, renting a salon suite does take some work. Even minor mistakes can undermine the success of your salon. Here are four tips that will help you avoid mistakes when renting a salon suite.

Get Everything in Writing

If you're going to rent a salon suite, make sure you get everything in writing. A well-written contract will provide you with a strong foundation for your business. When you rent a salon suite, the contract ensures your status as an independent contractor. It also ensures that you have equal access to the facilities, which is important. Without a contract, you might not be able to set your own business hours. 

Know Your Responsibilities

When you rent a salon suite, there are expenses and responsibilities that you won't need to deal with. Some of those include property taxes and commercial property insurance. But, there are still expenses that you'll be responsible for. Before you move into your suite, make sure you know what those responsibilities are. In most cases, you'll be responsible for providing your own liability and disability insurance. You'll also need to provide for your own health insurance. In addition, you'll also be responsible for setting your own prices and maintaining your own financial records. 

Understand the Suite Package

If you plan to rent a salon suite, make sure you know what comes with the space. Most salon suites provide electrical service, as well as basic needs such as styling chair, full-sized mirrors, and storage space. However, there are other amenities that might be included. Some of those include onsite laundry facilities, towel service, and wash/dry stations. For maximum benefit, it's important that you know what options come with the salon suite you plan to rent. 

Invest in Reliable Booking Software

Now that you plan to rent a salon suite, it's time to invest in reliable booking software. Most salons provide front desk service, such as a receptionist. But, you'll still be responsible for scheduling appointments with your own clients. Not only that, but you'll also need a way to account for walk-in clients. That's where the right software comes into the picture. With booking software, your clients can set-up appointments directly with you. They can also sign in when they arrive for walk-in appointments. 

Look for salon suites for rent to see what your options are.