Med Spa Treatments for Dry Skin

15 June 2020
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If your skin is often dry and flaky, you may feel like you can slather on pounds of moisturizer and never quite get the results you desire. Luckily, there are some med spa treatments that go the extra mile and offer you some relief. Here are a few of the top treatments to consider.

Hydrating Facials

The most enjoyable, non-invasive option is to book a hydrating facial. Often, these facials are completed in several steps, which helps ensure the moisturizing ingredients will really penetrate your skin and deliver longer-lasting moisturizer.

First, your esthetician will typically use an exfoliating product to remove any dead skin cells and rough skin. Then, they'll use another treatment to open your pores before applying a deep hydrating mask. Because your pores are open when the mask is applied, and because the mask is left in place for a while, your face should be moist and supple when the facial is over.

Glycolic Peels

If you don't mind skin that's a little sore and irritated for two or three days post-treatment, then a glycolic peel can be incredible for dry skin. Basically, your esthetician will apply a solution that contains glycolic acid to your skin and leave it in place for 10 or 15 minutes. Glycolic acid strips the top layer of your skin away, removing all of the dead and dry skin. After the treatment, your face will initially feel like you got a sunburn. But after a couple of days, the new, fresh skin that the treatment revealed will give you a soft, plush look.


Dermabrasion works similarly to a glycolic peel. The outer, dry layer of your skin is removed. With dermabrasion, though, the skin is removed mechanically rather than with a chemical solution. Also, a bit more skin is removed with dermabrasion as well. This means it takes a little longer to recover from the procedure, and you may have significant scaling and irritation for about a week.

However, the results can also be longer-lasting, especially if you are good at following up the treatment with a really good moisturizer. Dermabrasion is a good choice for anyone who does not tolerate chemical treatments well.

You do not have to tolerate dry facial skin forever. Visit a local med spa, and tell them about your skincare woes and needs. These professionals will likely recommend one of the treatments above for longer-lasting relief.