Planning A Spa Weekend? What To Look For In A Pet-Friendly Resort Spa

11 May 2023
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If you're an animal lover, there's nothing worse than having to leave your furry companion at home when you head off for a relaxing spa weekend. Luckily, more and more pet-friendly resort spas are popping up around the country, meaning you don't have to leave your loyal friend behind. Here's a closer look at booking a pet-friendly resort spa for both of you. 1. Pet-Friendly Amenities When choosing a pet-friendly resort spa, the amenities for your furry friend should be at the top of your list. Read More 

Why Massage Is Excellent for Back Pain Management

3 April 2023
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If you struggle with ongoing back pain, it is often wise to take a multifaceted approach to back pain management. Taking an over-the-counter NSAID can help when the pain really flares up. Long-term, you may also want to look into options like cortisone injections. But for day-to-day, natural relief, you really can't do better than massage therapy. Here are a few key reasons why massage therapy is an especially beneficial treatment for back pain. Read More 

The Perfect Pout: What To Expect When Getting Lip Fillers

13 March 2023
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With the mind-blowing advances in the field of cosmetic surgery, more and more people are flocking to get their desired looks. Injectable lip fillers are an especially popular request as the results are natural looking, the process is simple and the recovery time is fast and easy. Here are three things you can expect when going in for injectable lip fillers and what you can expect in the process. The Look You're Going For Read More 

Non-Invasive Spa Treatments To Diminish The Signs Of Cellulite

14 February 2023
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Cellulite is a persistent deposit of fat that is located under the skin. Dimpling along the legs, stomach, arms, and back may be indicative of cellulite being present. Many spas — such as Ultra Cryo & Recovery — offer services that will diminish the appearance of cellulite.  The Longevity Of A Treatment Many cellulite treatment processes are still being studied. There isn't any conclusive evidence that proves that a cellulite treatment will be effective for every person. Read More 

Med Spa Services Worth Considering To Referesh Your Body And Mind

17 January 2023
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If you want to refresh your body and mind, then go to your local med spa services specialist to see if you can get scheduled for some services that can be beneficial to you. A med spa offers services a traditional spa may not, including some cosmetic and other treatments. A med spa can be a little treat for yourself to help you feel better after being stressed or feeling run down and can help you feel great about yourself from the inside out. Read More