Bringing Out Your Natural Beauty With African Hair Braiding Styles

19 April 2021
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If you've ever checked out Fashion Week, you've seen women of all backgrounds and demographics rocking African braid styles. These hairdos are the epitome of timeless, as their beginnings date back as early as 3,500 BC, yet it's a style that is still as popular as ever. When you want to bring out your natural beauty with a hairstyle that is uncompromising in its detail, you should find a hair salon that can do the best work for you. This guide will show you how to find the right hair braiding style and get it done professionally.

What kind of African hair braiding style would you like?

There are more African hair braiding styles than you probably know. Some of the most popular renditions include cornrows, kinky twists, Senegalese twists, box braids, fishbone braids, sisterlocks, Marley locs, and goddess braids. Each has its own braid technique that often takes years of trial and error to learn. Because these styles are so unique and intricate, it's important to find a quality braider that has mastered them. These braids involve a careful hand and the ability to work magic with symmetry and the right amount of pressure.

Are you adding hair or only using your own?

One of the biggest things you need to decide on with your braid style is whether you'd like to only use your hair or if you'd like to add some length with extensions. Adding extensions can add more volume and balance to the hairdo, while also allowing you to try out different options. Check out a grade chart for any extensions that you need, and consider whether you want to use human hair or synthetic hair. African braids are great protective styles that can let your hair grow fuller and lusher than ever before.

Have you found a shop that can handle your braid style?

To get the best from your African braid style, you have to find a stylist that can make it happen. The relationship that you have with your stylist will help you keep your hair done consistently, so go the extra mile to find someone that is skilled and friendly. These styles take hours to do, but will often last a very long time, making them worth the investment. 

Use these tips as you start contacting some professional braiders. If you are interested in hair braiding, contact salons in your area and make an appointment.