Getting Better Results With Laser Hair Removal: 4 Top Tips

13 June 2023
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Laser hair removal is a great option for anyone seeking a longer-lasting, nearly permanent hair removal option. You can have laser hair removal performed almost anywhere on your body, such as over your upper lip, on your legs, or in your bikini zone. Most medical spas and some salons offer this service, and a skilled laser hair removal specialist can help make sure you get the results you desire. However, there are also a few tips you, as the patient, should follow in order to get good results.

Don't tweeze or wax beforehand

If you currently tweeze or wax hair in the area you plan to have treated, you will need to take a break from those methods prior to laser hair removal. The laser basically seeks and treats the hair. If you pull a certain hair out, then the laser won't be able to treat that hair, and that hair will eventually grow back. Try to avoid pulling any hairs out prior to laser hair removal. If you're a routine wax user, you may need to wait a month or more to schedule laser hair removal after your last waxing appointment.

Shave before your appointments

While waxing and tweezing prior to laser hair removal are not advised, you can and should shave before your appointment. This will remove excess hair so the laser targets only the tiny, short hair left behind in each follicle. The laser will then be able to reach deeper into the follicles and "kill" them more effectively.

Attend all of your sessions

For laser hair removal to give good, lasting results, you will need several sessions. At any one session, some of your hairs will be in an inactive part of their growing cycle. At the next session, some of those hairs will be active again, so they can be targeted by the laser. Your salon professional will give you a recommended schedule for your laser hair removal sessions. Make sure you adhere to this schedule and make it to all of the sessions for the best results. 

Limit sun exposure

The laser will leave your skin sensitive for a few days. Do not expose the treated skin to the sun at this time. If you do, you may experience painful, itching skin, which would mean you have to delay future laser sessions, reducing the effectiveness overall.

With these tips, you will enjoy better results from laser hair removal. For more information on laser hair removal, contact a professional near you.