Noninvasive Fat Removal Treatments You Can Get At A Medical Spa

28 November 2022
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Liposuction has long been a favorite way to get rid of pockets of unwanted fat. However, the recovery from this surgery is often unpleasant and long. Instead of having invasive surgery to get rid of your fat, consider a medical spa treatment instead.

These treatments involve using cold temperatures, heat from ultrasound, or radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat from your body. This allows you to avoid surgery. Here's how these treatments work and why you might prefer a noninvasive fat reduction spa treatment over traditional liposuction.

How Noninvasive Fat Removal Works

Fat cells can be destroyed in two ways. One is heat and the other is cold temperatures. Fat is destroyed before the extreme temperatures can do any harm to other body tissues. Heat or cold is applied to your skin using a laser device or other type of applicator. You may be hooked up to the equipment for several minutes as your fat cells are heated or cooled. You might feel a little discomfort, but the treatments are usually tolerated well.

The extreme temperatures cause fat cells in your body to die. It takes your body time to get rid of all of the cells, so your fat loss isn't instant like it is with liposuction. Instead, you lose fat gradually as the cells are cleared, and that makes your weight loss look more natural too.

Why You May Prefer Noninvasive Treatments

Even though you may need multiple treatments, noninvasive medical spa treatments are often a better choice since there is no long recovery time. You can go back to most of your activities right away. You might even want to go back to work after a treatment. Your skin might be red and a little tender, but there is no need for a recovery period.

Since noninvasive procedures don't require an incision, you won't have to suffer from pain. Plus, there is a lower risk of complications since you don't have to have actual surgery with heat or cold treatments. Noninvasive treatments may also cost less, but that depends on the size of the treatment area and number of treatments you need. However, you might pay as you go with medical spa treatments, where you'll probably need to pay the entire amount upfront with liposuction.

Before you settle on the type of fat reduction treatment you want, talk to a doctor at the medical spa to make sure you're a good candidate. Sometimes, liposuction is still the best choice for your situation, and you'll want to take the treatment that will give you the results you seek.

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