Want To Color Your Hair? Choose Between Temporary Or Permanent Dye

26 September 2022
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If you want to have your hair colored, you should go to a hair salon to have it done. This will ensure the color turns out the way you want. When it comes to hair color you have the option between temporary dye or permanent dye. Below is information about each of these so you can decide what you would like the salon specialist to use for your hair. 

Temporary Hair Dye

If you are not sure of the color and would like to try one out, you should choose a temporary dye. You may want to have the hair color you choose for only a short amount of time. Temporary dye is known as semi-permanent. The color is placed on top of your hair cuticles, so it does not penetrate your hair completely. The professional does not use real chemicals to dye your hair, and this is a simple way to color hair. 

Over a few weeks, the hair dye will start to fade until it is completely gone. You can get touch-ups if you decide you want to keep your hair dyed this color for a longer period of time. Washing your hair too much will remove the hair dye fastest. There is hair powder that you can purchase to remove grease from your hair, so you do not have to wash it as often. Using hot hair tools, such as a straightener, hair dryer, or curling iron, will make the color fade faster as well. 

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dye completely saturates your hair, so it lasts much longer. The hair dye has an activator that opens up your hair to allow the dye to go deep into your hair. This adds the pigment that is needed to change the color of your hair. Even though the color will eventually fade, it lasts a few weeks longer when compared to temporary dye. The first place you will notice your color changes is in the roots as your hair grows. You can have your roots done at this point to maintain the color. You can also get the color touched up to help it last longer. 

To maintain the color longer you need to make sure you use the right type of shampoo. There is a shampoo that is made specifically for colored hair. The salon may also sell this shampoo. This type of shampoo is non-detergent so there are no chemicals in it that will remove the colored pigment from your hair. 

Talk with a hairstylist to learn more about temporary and permanent hair dyes and other hair color treatments.