Facts To Help You Make A Decision About Gynecomastia Surgery

5 January 2022
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If you are struggling with gynecomastia, you might be considering surgery to have your excess breast tissue removed. This surgery can give you the flatter chest you desire, but it is still a surgical procedure with some risk and recovery time. As such, it's important to put some thought into your decision before making it. Here are a few facts to consider as you decide on gynecomastia surgery.

Most surgeries can be done through small incisions.

Years ago, most gynecomastia surgeries were performed through larger incisions. These incisions were placed along the underside of the breast, and they would leave fairly obvious scars. The good news is that these days, gynecomastia surgery can be performed through smaller incisions. Some procedures are done through just a couple of inch-long incisions as most of the unwanted fatty tissue can simply be removed via liposuction. Only in rare cases does a surgeon now have to make long incisions to perform gynecomastia surgery.

You'll wear compression garments in recovery.

People often worry that recovering from gynecomastia surgery will be difficult or uncomfortable. There is some discomfort involved, but the worst of it should be over in the first few days. As you recover, you will wear a compression garment, which will help keep any movement or pressure in your chest to a minimum. This will, in turn, help keep your pain at bay and also help ensure you heal properly. When you're wearing the compression garment, you will also have a flat-chested appearance, which will be reassuring. In other words, while it takes a while to heal from gynecomastia surgery, thanks to compression garments, you do get to enjoy your desired results mostly from day one.

Some men can avoid surgery with testosterone therapy.

Some men don't end up needing gynecomastia surgery, after all. Testosterone supplements help reduce their breast tissue slowly, over a few months' periods, eventually flattening the chest to the point that you're comfortable. If you have not yet tried testosterone therapy, ask your doctor about it. Your doctor may tell you that testosterone supplements are not safe for you, but it's worth examining this option before going under the knife.

Gynecomastia surgery can be a great option for men who have excess breast tissue. Today's procedures involve small incisions, and healing is not as bad as you might think. Testosterone supplements may be a good alternative, or they may not be. Talk to your doctor for more personalized advice regarding your care.

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