How You Can Wear Extensions With Short Hair

26 February 2021
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A great thing about hair extensions is that they can be worn by everyone. While you can still wear beautiful extensions if you have shorter hair, there are a few extra measures you need to take to ensure they look natural. Learn how you can wear extensions with short hair.

Careful Selection

The key to blending your extensions is to choose them wisely. First, you generally want to go with a human hair option. Given that your hair is shorter, you will have to put in slightly more effort to blend the extensions. Synthetic extensions make this process harder since you cannot apply heat to them in the same way you can human hair.

You also want to be careful with color selection. Again, the key to making the extensions look more natural with short hair is a good blend. A more precise match between your hair and the extensions will help. Lastly, also think about texture. You want to choose extensions that most closely mimic the natural texture of your hair. 

Natural Hair Preparation

Once you find the right extensions, you may not be ready to jump right in and have them installed. There is some prep work that you want to engage in beforehand to achieve the type of results you desire. You can begin this process by giving your hair a good shampoo and conditioning. 

Shampoo rids the hair of excess oils that can make your natural hair separate from the extensions. Excessively oily hair can also slightly alter the way your hair color appears, which can also make it harder to blend the extensions. Conditioner adds luster to your hair, which makes it look healthier.

Weft Extensions

You should also consider a hair extension that is attached at the weft, such as one that is sewn in or bonded in some fashion. As a result, you may want to avoid clip-ins. The reason it is best to choose a weft extension has to do with the fact that you will likely have to brush and maybe even flat iron your hair and the extensions several times to blend them together well. 

With clips-ins, this manipulation could lead to the extension falling out or not staying in place. A weft extension will stay in place and allow for more flexibility.

Make sure you keep these tips in mind to ensure your hair extensions look natural and attractive.