Hyperbaric Therapy Could Maintain A Diabetic's Lifestyle

19 February 2020
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When your body does not produce enough insulin or use insulin correctly, you will not be able to process sugar from your blood properly, resulting in high blood sugar levels. This condition is referred to as diabetes. It may not seem like it should be a problem. However, there are serious medical problems associated with high blood sugar levels. In fact, it could lead to heart attack, stroke, and limb amputations. Your doctor will work with you to devise a healthy meal plan that will keep your blood sugar from getting too high. You may also need to take medications to help with the situation. In addition, you should talk with your doctor about hyperbaric therapy. 

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves being placed in a chamber where the air pressure is increased. You will receive two to three times the normal amount of oxygen into your bloodstream. As you breathe, the oxygen will be transported throughout your body to your brain and every cell. This will increase cellular respiration and keep your cells healthy. This is important to everyone, but as a diabetic, it can help in a couple of important ways.

Increase Blood Flow

The high amount of sugar in a diabetic's blood will cause veins and arteries to stiffen and constrict. This reduces blood flow to the whole body. Adding oxygen to the blood will reduce the effects of the sugar and allow blood to flow more readily to where it needs to be. This reduces heart problems. In addition, the stiff, narrow vessels result in high blood pressure. This, too, will be reduced with hyperbaric therapy.


Diabetes causes a reduction in the healing process. It also affects peripheral nerves, damaging them to the point where you do not feel pain. If you hurt your foot and you cannot feel it because of nerve damage, the injury can get worse to the point of needing to have the foot amputated. The increase in oxygen to all the cells of the body during hyperbaric therapy increases the healing process. It not only causes the cells to regenerate faster, but it also can help fight infection. 

While you may not be suffering from any advanced symptoms or conditions due to diabetes, getting ahead of any problems could save your limbs or your life. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in addition to a good, healthy diet, and medications, is a good way to live with diabetes so you can continue your life the way you want.

To learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, contact a doctor.