How To Maintain Your Hair As A Busy Mom

25 January 2020
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As a busy mom, your top priorities are keeping your kids safe, educated, groomed, and fed. Unfortunately, on top of keeping the house clean as well, there is little time to take care of yourself. However, if you fail to put in some time to ensure your hair remains hydrated and healthy in between your visits to your hair stylist, there is a good chance that you will experience breakage and frizz. To help prevent this, though, here are three tips that even the busiest of moms can handle.

Avoid Putting Your Hair Up in Tight Hairstyles

As you are cooking dinner or loading the kids in the car, if you have long hair, it can often get into the way. To help keep your locks out of the way, you may pull it up and back into a tight ponytail. However, this type of tension can result in breakage, leading to your stylist needing to trim off more split ends than necessary the next time you visit the salon. To avoid tension and damage while still ensuring that your locks are out of the way, pull your hair back into a loose ponytail, bun, or braid.

Purchase 2-in-1 Hair Products

It may be difficult to try to take a shower with kids in the next room who you don't know how much trouble they are causing. To help spend less time while you are in the shower, you should opt for two-in-one products. Products like these tend to contain ingredients that are designed to moisturize, cleanse, and treat various kinds of damage. For instance, ingredients are included to soften the hair as well as ingredients to combat dandruff. If you purchase fewer products, you will save money as well.

Select Your Hair Bands Wisely

To protect your hair, you will want to avoid rubber bands. Elastic bands pull the hair and create a significant amount of tension that leads to breakage. Therefore, it is important to invest in loose ties that are made out of nylon, silk, and smooth materials that will not damage the hair fibers. Spiraled hair ties are also good, as they secure the hair without damaging it. Though these spiraled ties will stay looser than elastic bands, they will still keep your hair out of the way.

If you need more information about taking care of your hair in between appointments as a busy mom or need a restorative hair treatment for damaged hair, schedule an appointment at a local beauty salon such as Detour Salon & Detour The Store.