3 Ways to Get Your Toddler Comfortable with Their First Hair Appointment

16 January 2020
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While you may have been taking care of trimming your child's hair on your own when they are young, as they reach their toddler years, you may be looking for a more put-together hairstyle. With them enrolling in preschool and having friends, taking care of their hair can make sure that they look their best, but it can be a scary experience if your toddler has never been to a salon.

To avoid unnecessary stress and to make sure that they have a positive experience, you need to look into what you can do to make sure the visit to the salon goes smoothly.

Carefully Choose a Hair Salon

When you're just beginning to check out different options for hair salons, you need to look for salons that are geared towards families. While going to a high-end luxury salon may be ideal for you, it can lead to issues when you bring a toddler in that's not comfortable getting their hair trimmed. Finding a salon that has a play area and other features for children to enjoy can help a lot with making sure that your toddler feels more comfortable.

Be Upfront When Scheduling

As you begin contacting salons, you also want to tell the receptionist upfront that this will be your toddler's first haircut. This can make sure that they match you with a hairdresser that can work with children, along with making sure that the hairdresser knows that the appointment may take a bit longer if your toddler is nervous during the appointment.

Being upfront can also make sure that they prep the area and have special tools such as a television set up to distract them or scissors that are safer to have around toddlers.

Bring Along Some Distractions

Making sure that your toddler feels more comfortable during the visit can mean bringing some distractions such as toys or a tablet that they can play games on. Having some distractions on hand can make sure that you're able to calm down your toddler if they are beginning to get nervous when at the salon and you need something to distract them.

As you get ready for the appointment, you should brainstorm ways to prepare your toddler and what you should be looking for to make sure that they have a positive experience. With the above tips, it should be much easier to get them comfortable and help your toddler avoid issues where the salon can be a scary experience. For more ideas, contact local hair salons.