Getting Married? 2 Tips To Look And Feel Your Best

14 January 2020
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If you are getting married this is an exciting time. Once you pick out your dress, the cake, the decorations, and much more, you'll want to take time for yourself. This is because you want to look and feel your best on this day. Below are two tips on how you can do this.

Get Your Hair Done

Contact a beauty salon and ask them if they can style your hair for your wedding. You should ask the salon how much experience they have with bridal hair styles. They should also have a book you can look through to help you find the style that you want to have. You can also look online or through books on your own before the appointment. If you do this, take the photograph to the stylist before your set appointment and ask if they have the ability to create this style. 

You may want to choose a bun, with the chignon bun being the most popular type of bridal hair style. The bun rests on the low part of your head making it very comfortable for you. There are a variety of variations that can be used when creating this hair style.

You could also choose to put your hair half up and half down or have leave your hair down and have the stylist to put waves in your hair. There are also side swept hair styles, braids, and more. For more hair ideas, consult a professional like Varuna Salon Spa.

Go to a Spa

A wedding can be very stressful on everyone, especially the bride to be. Because of this, you should visit a spa in your area. These spas generally have massage therapists that can give you a massage to loosen up your muscles. 

The spa can also give you a facial which includes cleansing your face and then exfoliate to remove dead skin cells. Your face will then be massaged, and a mask will be placed on your face. 

They can use electrolysis to remove all unwanted hair, such as hair you may have on your face, including above your lip or on your chin. Get a manicure and a pedicure so your nails will look fabulous. The spa can  exfoliate your body to make your skin glow from head to foot.

When you visit a spa, they will often have special types of menus showing you the services they offer.

Take your bridesmaids with you if you prefer so they can also get their hair done and visit the spa.